We try to answer your most common questions.

How is The Branch Ministries governed?
Currently the ministry is governed by the President, Secretary, Treasurer, and the Board of Directors.  They provide direction and oversite for its operations.
What services are offered through The Branch Ministries?
The Branch Ministries offers Bible study classes, or life classes, to women of any age, ethnicity, or denomination. The ministry's life-changing classes are based on the principles of freedom found in the Word of God. Supplemental books written by renown authors are also used to explore various topics.
Is The Branch Ministries affiliated with a particular denomination?
The Branch Ministries is a non-denominational, non-profit organization. The ministries governance and Board are comprised of members of the community that are from various Christian churches. 
What does The Branch Ministries believe about spiritual warfare?
The Branch Ministries acknowledges that spiritual warfare is real and evident in the world today. The ministry acknowledges to the highest level the power found in the name of Jesus. We believe in the Word of God which has the power to tear down strongholds and bring every enemy to his knee. 
Where does The Branch Ministries get it's funding?
The Branch Ministries is a non-profit organization. All our monies come through donations and partership with persons in the community. Community support is vital to achieve our mission. The ministry also tithes 10% of its income to other organizations on a regular basis.

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